What type of doctor is Dr Tom?

What type of doctor is Dr Tom?

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  • On August 5, 2016

I often get asked, “What kind of doctor are you? Where are you working now?”

Well, medicine has been my passion for the last 10 years.

It’s been everything to me.

Since deciding to become a doctor and going at it 100%, I’ve also been in the GAMSAT world.

From messing up the GAMSAT a few times and wasting years of my life on it…

To finally succeeding and getting in…

To showing thousands of people how to short cut their GAMSAT success so they don’t make the mistakes I did…

…Running a service to help motivated people become doctors has been a passion as much as medicine has.

In 2012 I graduated medical school and started working as a doctor in Sydney’s St George Hospital.


I loved it.

It was challenging, rewarding and satisfying.

The experiences I had in that first year of working as a doctor are unlike anything you can find in any other profession.

All the while, in my “spare time”, I was also running a service that changed hundreds of lives – by helping people like you become doctors. And it was growing. Fast.

I loved that too!

It provided such a creative outlet, as well as an ability to change lives and I had the freedom to make the impact on the world that I want.

All the while I saw what doctors ‘give’ to their patients.

They give so much and it’s often unappreciated.

They commit to the life of a doctor.

Some of them struggle. They get overworked. They get sick. They get pulled in all different directions and all they want to do is save lives.

So during medical school and while working as a doctor, I started to think to myself, “How can I make doctors lives easier?”

It became such a burning question that eventually it was everything I wanted to do.

And now that’s what I’m doing.

The practice of medicine has been put aside for a little while. In the meantime I’m working on ways to make the practice of medicine easier, help pre-med students like you get in easier, make managing the various components of being a doctor easier, and create more happy doctors so that they can give their 100% to their patients.

That’s my passion now. Making your life (as a pre-med student) easier, and making doctors lives easier.

So a few months ago I decided not to renew my registration with the medical governing body APRHA (check out the letter from them below). That means I’m still a doctor but I can’t go treating patients and prescribing drugs.

I was scared to tell people about it because I worried what the response would be. I fought for so long to become a doctor. So many years of GAMSAT and interviews. Then medical school and its trials and tribulations. Then actually being a doctor.

But I’m proud of what I do now. I’m proud of the difference I make and plan to make in the future. So I’m owning this decision and sharing it with the world

I’m still a doctor, just not a current medical practitioner. I can go back anytime.

I’m still an expert in the area of GAMSAT, application and interview prep.

I’m still dedicated to making your life easier (when it comes to getting into medical school).

So when people ask me what I specialise in, from now on I’m going to say that I specialise in making doctors lives easier.


Click here to see the letter

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