Our Service Mission

Our Service Mission compels us to make dreams come true by providing help for post-graduate medical school entry.

To create, deliver and teach the finest quality preparation processes, assistance and materials with an absolute commitment to helping the right people become doctors and continue to grow into the ones caring for our family’s health someday.

Our Economic Mission

Our Economic Mission directs us to run our Company for sustainable growth.

To manage the Company in a sustainable way for growing profit, rising value for stakeholders and increasing opportunities for growth for our employees by providing a fun and challenging workplace which fosters development, rewards creativity and focuses on results.

Our Social Mission

Our Social Mission drives us to use our Company in creative ways to save the world’s health.

To run the Company in a way which acknowledges that businesses, doctors and our students play the key role in healthcare by creating programs within our company which improve the health of the most vulnerable people locally, nationally and internationally.

Current vacancy: Student Support Coordinator

Do you love working with students?

Helping them learn, grow, and achieve great things?

Being a guide and mentor, getting to know them and treating them as equals?

Want a fun and rewarding job where you make a difference every day? 

If this excites you, read on. (At the end we have photos showing what the job is like)

Location: Zetland, Sydney

Transport: close to Green Park Station // bus // parking available

Commencement date: Immediate start

Hours of works/contract details: Full-time, Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm. 

Purpose of the role

We help people achieve their dreams of becoming doctors.
You will help by delivering and co-ordinating an extraordinary experience to our current students.

As the Student Support Coordinator, you are the glue that binds the different parts of our organisation together. You help to create an extraordinary experience for our students by guiding them through their preparation so that they achieve their dreams of becoming doctors with ease and support.

As you can imagine, the process of applying to medical school is difficult and stressful.

We certainly don’t expect you to teach our students (we have tutors for that). What we do expect is that you are their liaison, support, and contact whenever they need it.

Additionally, you will be involved in the research and implementation of a variety of projects and initiatives ranging from updating our websites to planning events.

As a summary:

  • Being the first point of contact for all student enquiries
  • Completing the welcome and onboarding process for all students
  • Coordinating students & tutoring team
  • Being the students ‘accountability partner’ (checking that they have completed their work)



70% of your role is to ensure that our students have an excellent experience with our company, which ultimately helps them achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.

This is super important to PassGAMSAT as it’s why we are here: To create doctors.


30% of your role will be varied and always changing. The main outcome is to contribute to growing the business by supporting the Directors in a variety of new projects.

Some of the things you could be working on are:

  • Research required for new areas of the business
  • Organisation of events and conferences
  • Creating presentations and graphics (training provided)
  • Website design (training provided)
  • Liasing with various groups and organisations

It is extremely important to us to provide certainty and clarity about how you can be successful in this role and how your success will be measured.

Your background is important, however we value more than just your work experience. Your energy and enthusiasm is very important to us.

As you will see in the job description we pride ourselves on doing things differently – we are on a mission to change the face of Australian healthcare. So we work extremely hard and our expectations are high.

This is not a role for someone who’s part-time or half-hearted. Working with us, you’ll be held to a very high standard.

And I can guarantee you’ll do some of the best and most meaningful work of your life because of all of this – not in spite of it.

Click here for more detailed information and expectations of this position.

Application deadline: Friday 19 January 2018 @ 5pm Sydney time

Life As Our Student Manager

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