The Secret Behind The University Selection Process

The Secret Behind The University Selection Process

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  • On November 2, 2016

Many people say to me, “I have a GPA over 5 so I will get an interview if my GAMSAT is above the minimum score.”


“I will be considered for an interview because my GPA or GAMSAT is above the hurdle mark.”

That’s wrong.

It doesn’t work that way.

Just because your GPA or GAMSAT score is above the universities minimum score or hurdle, it doesn’t mean you will get an interview or a position.

It only means you get the chance to apply. If you’re score is below the minimums, they won’t even look at your applications.

If it’s above, then they will rank you.

They will rank everyone who applied, say 1,000 people (usually there are MANY more applications than that, but let’s use that for a nice round number.)

They will rank you based on the criteria that specific uni uses – it’s different for each university.

Say, for example, a uni uses only GPA and GAMSAT scores to rank you.

So they will put the 1,000 applications in order, based on GPA and GAMSAT, from first person (highest GPA and GAMSAT combination) to the last.

Then they will select the top 200, for example, to be interviewed. The remaining 800 who all scored above the minimum do not proceed any further and miss out on medical school that year.

Once those 200 are all interviewed, they are again ranked in order from first to last.

Then the top 100 are offered positions for that medical school.

Now, this is a very simplified explanations but the general concept is what you need to understand.

This means that if your GPA is only just above the minimum, you need to get a high GAMSAT score.

And if your GPA is way above the cut-off, then …. Well, you too need a high GAMSAT score 🙂 But you *might* be able to get away with a lower one.

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