OMG Do I have Enough Time To Prepare?

OMG Do I have Enough Time To Prepare?

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  • On February 16, 2017

The exam is like a dark storm cloud getting closer by the day.

You’re starting to feel the pressure.

There is so much to cover.

And it’s hard stuff.

The Science section is HUGE with its Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

(Oh God, the Physics.)

Then there are the weird essay quotes – what do they even expect from you?

And Section 1 is sooo random. It could be on anything.

So with all this in mind, do you have enough time to prepare?

I mean, is there enough time to get a good enough score?



Well at this point in the game, you’ve either bought a ticket for the GAMSAT or you haven’t.

If you haven’t then you can’t sit this exam and need to look at the following one.

If you do have a ticket, no matter what happens in your prep from now until the exam, you’re going to be sitting in the exam hall in a few weeks time anyway, right? (More on this in a sec)

So the answer to the question, do I have enough time, is:

It depends.

If you’re studying from a textbook, lecture notes and doing practice questions, then no.

No, there is not enough time.

In fact, 6 months won’t be enough. 3 years won’t even be enough!

That’s what the science students have been doing at uni for the last 3 years and they struggle with the science section.

That’s because this is NOT your usual uni exam. Studying the same way as usual won’t work not matter how much time you give it.

If you’re trying to squeeze and square peg into a round whole, you’ll never get there. Same goes for the GAMSAT.


If you’re focusing on the things that are actually tested in the GAMSAT (and the assumed knowledge is not what you’re testing)…

If you’ve identified your GAMSAT weaknesses, in detail (not just saying, I suck at Physics, but in much more detail)…

If you’ve got a personalised plan to make sure you use the time effectively…

And the strategies to approach whatever they throw at you on the day…

Then yes, there is plenty of time.

Knowing exactly what to focus on, having a personalised approach and the strategies required to perform well, means that you need less time than everybody else to get to your goal score.

It means your preparation is laser focused and effective.

And as I was saying before, if you have a ticket for the exam, no matter what happens in your prep from now until then, you’re going to be sitting in the exam hall in a few weeks time anyway. You’re going to be studying until then anyway.

So the better question to ask is,

How do I make the most of the time that’s left?

This is the more productive question to be asking. The answer will motivate you to study, help you stay focused and increase your chances of doing well.

The answer is what I just covered.

If you want help applying all this- a personalised approach that’s actually effective and will help you make the most of the time that’s left – then click here and chat to our team.



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