How much time do I need to prepare for the GAMSAT?

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  • On September 20, 2016


So, I get this question a lot.

People ask me this question 3 months before the exam, 5 months before, 9 months before, and even 3 weeks before the exam.

They ask:

“Do I have enough time to prepare?”

“How much do I need?”

The bottom line is this:

It’s never too late to prepare

Imagine you prepare now and you get in this year. You could be a medical student much sooner than expected.

We’ve had people start their preparation less than 3 weeks before the exam and still get into medical school.

Currently, we have people who began 6 months before the exam and they’re smashing their preparation and doing really well.

There’s a Buddhist saying that goes:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago so that now you can be resting under the shade. The second best time is right now”


Same thing applies to your GAMSAT preparation – the best time to start would have been a few months ago but if you haven’t yet, then the second best time is right now.

Just like planting that tree right now is the best time, starting your preparation right now is the best time, so that by the time the GAMSAT comes around, you are feeling comfortable.

So you need to start your preparation as soon as you can!

Don’t leave it till the last few months or the last few weeks.

Ideally, you would have more than 3 months.


If it’s less than that, don’t worry. You just need to use that time effectively. Laser focused study in less than 3 months is better than ineffective study over 6+ months.

It’s not about how much time you have. Rather, it’s about the approach you take.

If you start your preparation 3 months before the exam but you’re using textbooks, your uni notes and ‘reading widely,’ then that’s NOT an effective use of the time.

I call that the ‘shotgun’ approach. It covers a whole lot of things and hopefully *finger-crossed* something works. But invariably, it doesn’t work and you waste all that time. This exam punishes people who are ineffective and general in their study.

On the other hand, if your preparation approach covers the things that you personally NEED to cover for the GAMSAT’s unique requirements, and it does so within the time that you have, then that’s perfect.

If you want to know more about what that actually looks like, what the GAMSAT is actually testing and how to use your study time effectively, then read our free eBook which covers all of it.

So to sum up, the more time you have, the better. However, it’s not just about the time – it’s how you use it.

TheGAMSAT is NOT your usual uni exam and the usual approach won’t work.

So read the eBook now to use your time effectively.



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