Our Service Mission

Our Service Mission compels us to make dreams come true by providing help for post-graduate medical school entry.

To create, deliver and teach the finest quality preparation processes, assistance and materials with an absolute commitment to helping the right people become doctors and continue to grow into the ones caring for our family’s health someday.

Our Economic Mission

Our Economic Mission directs us to run our Company for sustainable growth.

To manage the Company in a sustainable way for growing profit, rising value for stakeholders and increasing opportunities for growth for our employees by providing a fun and challenging workplace which fosters development, rewards creativity and focuses on results.

Our Social Mission

Our Social Mission drives us to use our Company in creative ways to save the world’s health.

To run the Company in a way which acknowledges that businesses, doctors and our students play the key role in healthcare by creating programs within our company which improve the health of the most vulnerable people locally, nationally and internationally.

Current vacancy: Strategy Specialist (Phone)

Are you doing the GAMSAT, love taking to people and would like a job that helps you get a high GAMSAT score?

This is the perfect opportunity to support your goal of getting into medicine, growing into a future medical student, start helping people now and get paid for doing it.

Working with us isn’t like working at most companies. We’re a small team dedicated to excellence and making an impact.

Every person in the company is pivotal to achieving our mission – and they all give it 100% to make that happen, to do something bigger. Something great.

If this excites you, read on.

Location: Zetland, Sydney

Transport: close to Green Park Station // bus // parking available

Commencement date: ASAP

Hours of works/contract details: Mon to Fri, 9am-5:30pm. Contract length will be terminated on a case by case basis to suit your needs. NOTE: Part of your work day will be dedicated to GAMSAT study. Plus with our help the time you spend studying is more effective. So as part of this role, you have plenty of time to prepare for the GAMSAT and do the job well.

Purpose of the role

We love helping people achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor, and the only way we can help students achieve that dream is when they are part of our program.

You will do this by speaking with potential students about thier preparation & evaluating if they are suitable for our program. You will talk about their goals, aspirations, dreams, and GAMSAT strategy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert before you start, we will teach you that.

If it’s appropriate, you will be offering and selling our flagship product to the students – our online ‘Bootcamp’.

This is all done over the phone.

Our sales process is second to none. We are trained and mentored by the best trainer in the world and you will get trained in this too.

There is no lead generation expected in this position – All the students names & phone numbers will be provided to you and it’s your responsibility to speak to those students.

You just need to bring enthusiasm and a passion to learn and grow. As well as your passion to be involved in, and make an impact on, the Australian medical arena before you even become a doctor. We’ll bring decades of knowledge and expertise in the field and pass it on to you.

Organisational fit

You will be:

Focused and act inspite of any fear – With a mission that’s bigger than us, we’re dedicated to supporting you, and in return we need your focus and willingness to work hard and grow on a daily basis.

Just like when you’re in medical school, you’ll need to bring your willingness to honestly and openly discuss what’s going on for you and to analyse the places in which you’re getting stuck.

Ability to work independently. We need to be able to trust that you’re able to maintain motivation when management isn’t in the office.

Being motivated, enthusiastic and a joy to work with.

Strengths, competencies & innate abilities

You love talking to people (particularly over the phone) and providing a great customer service experience.

Excellent English skills, you understand the importance of grammar and English.

Our promise to you

Meaningful and impactful work with everything you need to get ready for GAMSAT and get in.

GAMSAT, applications and interview help. Being on the team, you will be trained in the strategies, processes and tools required to conquer the GAMSAT and the interviews. You’ll get all the material and guidance you need.

Time to study – once your targets for each day have been reached (usually by 3.30pm), the rest of your work day is spent studying (for which you get paid). Also, as a result of the help you get from us, the time you actually spend studying (either in the office or at home) will be much more effective because you’re working on the things that actually help. So you have plenty of study time while in this role.

You will be personally working with experts in the field, including Dr Tom.

We also run Friday study sessions for our team. 

You will develop the skills and confidence to be ready for any medical school interview – this will be a natural by-product of this role.

A lot of space to grow in your role. The more you prove that you can handle, the more cool things we will offer you.

Lots of opportunities for growth, particularly around what it takes to get into medical school, sales and personal development.

Your work will be recognised and appreciated.


We offer generous wages depending on your experience. For this role, that will be on a spectrum of $40,000-$100,000 per annum depending on your sales experience & results.

We are happy to train applicants with no prior sales experience, as long as you have passion for the industry and a willingness to learn.

Our company is about making a change in Australia. We are dedicated to changing the face of Australian medicine and the health of our nation for the better. We are changing things for the better by filling medical schools with passionate and dedicated future doctors, as well as running programs that improve the health of the Australian population. If that lights up your heart, then this is the role for you.

While you can expect a fun environment with bonuses and prizes this is secondary to the fact that our work is our mission. We’re looking for people who want to be part of a tightknit team who are truly changing the world. We’re looking for people who are excited by honing their skills and becoming excellent at what they do. We want your full dedication and focus.

We look forward to helping you grow your career & changing the Australian Medical Industry together!

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