GAMSAT Company Marketing Is So Annoying

GAMSAT Company Marketing Is So Annoying

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  • On August 5, 2016

Marketing from GAMSAT companies is sooo annoying.

Hey, I hear you.

I get it.

All the posters at universities.

Facebook posts.

Strange ads.

All the emails. God the emails!

The ‘salesy’ material.

GAMSAT messages.

It’s annoying.

Just like on TV. There are commercial every few minutes.

And they start right when the show gets good and you have to wait until after the break to see the good bit!


In the GAMSAT world, it’s that time of the year. Everyone’s preparing for the March exam so all the companies are putting up their ads.

And I’ll admit that we do that too.

We put up ads. We send emails.

We’re one of *them*

“If it’s so annoying, why do we do it?” I hear you say.

Here’s the thing…

We’re on a mission.

And we’re going after that mission unapologetically.

Because that mission is bigger than us.

We’re on a mission to help as many of the right people become doctors as possible.

We’re not here to sell you GAMSAT prep material. We’re here to create outstanding doctors, surgeons and dentists.

This world needs better doctors and more of them. I’ve seen how a good doctor can change a life and I’m not going to sit back and hope and pray that the right people come to us.

Steve Southerland said, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in. swim out to it.”

That’s why we get our message out there.

At times it annoys some people, and that’s OK.

All ads tend to annoy *some* people – TV commercials, bill boards, Facebook sponsored posts. But that’s how people on a mission to help get their message out there to help more people.

Looks at “World Vision,” for example. They have ads that make many people uncomfortable. The sick, starving African children with the big bellies on your TV while you’re eating your big delicious dinner make many people uncomfortable. But they’re on a mission to help, to make a difference.

So are we.

So we’ve got to get out in front of as many people as possible. And if for every 10 people we annoy, we help one person become a doctor, then it’s worth it.

Because that person, when they’re a doctor, will help at least 10 patients a day, that’s 50 per week. That’s 200 per month, that’s at least 2600 per year.

Just to put this into proportion…

If your average primary school has roughly 400 school children…

That’s over 5 primary school worth of children who have been saved from illness, permanent disability or even worse, death…

That’s 2600 live saved, changed or impacted PER YEAR… for an entire career of 30+ years… and it only annoyed 10 people.

That’s worth it.

Those 10 people can go…



They can go listen to this Taylor Swift song:

P.S. On a practical note…

Those 10 people can just:

1 – Unsubscribe from the emails (every email has a link at the bottom to make sure you don’t get any more)…

2 – Unlike the Facebook pages…

3 – Hit the ‘hide’ button when the ad appears in your Facebook feed.

4 – Look the other away when they see the posters at uni…



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