Why I failed my interview…and how you can avoid doing the same

Why I failed my interview…and how you can avoid doing the same

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  • On September 1, 2016


I failed my first medical school MMI.

It did not go as expected.

I went into it feeling SUPER confident.

I had beaten the GAMSAT – increased my score from the previous year and got an interview with my first preference university when all my friends didn’t.

That made me feel bullet-proof.

I thought I was going to get in for sure.


I had performed many job interviews in the past.

Had lots of life experience to talk about…

Lived, worked and studied overseas.

I’d been in various jobs which taught me many skills that related to medicine – teamwork, conflict resolution, working with difficult people, ethical situations…

My academic record was fantastic. GPA was up there.

On top of all that, a lot less people were interviewed for each medical school position compared to today.

So I stepped into that MMI with Usyd feeling like everything was on my side…

About 2 months later I walked into my apartment and saw the look of despair on my girlfriends face. She had seen the rejection email before me.

“We are sorry to inform you that you were unsuccessful…”

That’s all I had to read before my world came crashing down.

I didn’t cry. I just sat there. Blank. Empty. Defeated.

My stomach felt like a black hole sucking up all the life in me.

What happened? I was meant to get in. Did they mix up my scores with someone else?

I even called the university to find out what happened. They were unsympathetic and straight forward about the whole thing. There was no mistake. I had failed the interview.

My one chance… gone.

Had to wait another whole year to get a second go.

I took some time out to think. To reflect. To organise my priorities.

And eventually I learnt a very valuable lesson from all this.

A lesson which turned it all around the next year, the year that I got in.

In fact, there was just one thing I changed. One vital aspect that made ALL the difference.

Without this I would have failed again and again.

Since then, with all my experience helping hundreds of people with their interview, and actually being on the interview panel in an MMI, I’ve realised that anyone who doesn’t make this change, will fail too.

I’m running a one-off live training webinar where I will reveal all. Click here to join us. 

In the meantime, I want to give you a quick 3 step plan on how to prevent the same thing from happening to you.

So here goes…

[Step 1] Understand the interview from the other side.

When you know what is going through the mind of the interviewer, what they’re looking for, what the uni’s are looking for, what they want from you…

It helps you to know which aspects of yourself to talk about and how.

[Step 2] Identify your inner doctor

There are characteristics and values that make for a great med student and doctor. Find those within yourself and 90% of the work is done.

[Step 3] Strengthen the muscle

Becoming comfortable with answering the various questions…

But more importantly, having a framework for answering the unexpected questions, is going to help you come across as the ideal medical student.

If you want to know more about how to do all this…

And see it in action with examples…

Then be one of the next 14 people to register for my live training.



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