About Us

Commitment To Excellence

Our Service Mission

Our Service Mission compels us to make dreams come true by providing help for post-graduate medical school entry.

To create, deliver and teach the finest quality preparation processes, assistance and materials with an absolute commitment to helping the right people become doctors and continue to grow into the ones caring for our family’s health someday.

Our Economic Mission

Our Economic Mission directs us to run our Company for sustainable growth.

To manage the Company in a sustainable way for growing profit, rising value for stakeholders and increasing opportunities for growth for our employees by providing a fun and challenging workplace which fosters development, rewards creativity and focuses on results.

Our Social Mission

Our Social Mission drives us to use our Company in creative ways to save the world’s health.

To run the Company in a way which acknowledges that businesses, doctors and our students play the key role in healthcare by creating programs within our company which improve the health of the most vulnerable people locally, nationally and internationally.

Meet the PassGAMSAT Team

Dr Tomasz Forfa
Founder & CEO

“It doesn’t get easier, you get better”

Karina Marshall
Student Support Coordinator

“You are capable of amazing things”

Mare Forfa

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”

Specialist Tutoring Team
Specialists in Sections 1, 2 & 3 of the GAMSAT

“If we can do it, you can do it too!”

Diana Manlulu
Executive Assistant

“Work Hard, Dream Big”

Career Opportunities
Your Medical Career

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Who We Are

Since 2006, PassGAMSAT has been known for its revolutionary approach to helping students become Doctors. Through our ground-breaking eBook, Bootcamp program, live events & coaching we have helped over 45,000 students work towards their dream of becoming doctors in Australia & the United Kingdom.

We offer support to candidates of all backgrounds, GPA’s and previous degrees to assist specifically with the GAMSAT, the application process & interviews. We encourage you to read our free eBook which shows you how to get into medical school this year.

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