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WITH EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY, You Know That Becoming A Doctor Is The MOST Important Thing In Your Life Right Now. Having the knowledge and skills to save lives, No longer feeling helpless, standing by and watching hopelessly, You want to intervene. You want to make the decisions, To help keep death and sickness away, To change the way things are done, To save a loved one. You still remember the moment, the event, the person that changed it all for you. You went from, ‘maybe I’ll do this’, to ‘I MUST become a doctor…’ I MUST get rid of the helplessness. I MUST do whatever it takes to get there so that I can make a difference. Because lives depend on it. Real human lives that you’ve seen lost and you know with every bone in your body that you MUST get the skills and knowledge to save them next time. Becoming a doctor is not just a dream for you, it’s a MUST. It’s a Calling. And it’s NOW or never. That’s why we create this: Stop struggling with the GAMSAT. Stop wondering if you have what it takes – wondering if you’re enough. Find out how to beat this exam and become a doctor ASAP:

Posted by Gamsat - PassGAMSAT Preparation on Monday, January 16, 2017

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